Website Copywriting

If your website is your shop window, the words on it are a vital part of your stock. (Go with me here.) You don’t want to showcase dated frocks on wonky mannequins, do you?

And it can’t just look pretty, it has to work hard. You need to get the benefits of your service over quickly in compelling, easy-to-scan text.

Because online readers are fickle. You only have a few seconds to convince them you’re worth their time. Still reading?

Website Copywriting is Different from Copywriting for Print

What works on the page won’t work for your online readers. Whether you’re connecting with other businesses or speaking directly to customers, good web copy tells them you understand their needs and the challenges they face.

You want benefit-led web copy with minimal jargon, snappy sentences and concise paragraphs, in the right tone for your target audience.

Most importantly, interesting copy. The kind that people actually read.